September 27, 2010

Last night following the semi-secret Stars show at Littlefield, a stop in at Daisy’s Diner and a horribly long ride back to Brooklyn, the cab dropped us at N. 6th Street & Bedford, where a sign in the Blackbird Parlour¬†window caught my eye.
They’re holding a contest for a new veggie burger to put on their menu! They’re taking submissions until October 2nd, and there’ll be a finalist cook-off on the 8th. My thoughts drifted to that Lentil Burger I made a few weeks back, and with some encouragement from Maria, I dropped off my recipe tonight.
Cross your fingers that my sloppy handwriting on a girly bunny greeting card didn’t immediately put me out of the running! The winner gets their veggie burger on the menu with their name attached. If I make it, you may get to eat a Bethany Burger in your future! Eesh that name sounds horrible.¬†