August 27, 2011

The Bored Vegetarian is currently spotlighted in the Food section of Tumblr! On the scale of cool things, this is very very cool!

If you’re a new follower – welcome and thanks for reading!
As I mentioned, my (basement) apartment in Greenpoint is a block away from the dreaded “ZONE A” evacuation zone. To be safe, I’m staying with friends until things calm down. Before I abandoned my apartment, I took care to move my most favorite things to higher shelves. Apples to Apples, my Cuisinart and ceramic knick-knacks were the biggest priority.
I brought my camera along to document the thrilling Hurricane Irene.
So far it’s been pretty great! We had brunch, bought piles of vegetables and are sitting around doing nothing! It’s easy to forget how exciting doing nothing can be.
This has been happening for the last two hours at least.

If you’re in NYC (or along the East Coast in general!), I hope you’re keeping safe and dry!