Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I’ll admit I’m a little bad at answering/responding to the questions that come in from y’all, so here’s a bunch at once: 

I just found your blog and oh my god its amazing! Thank yoooooooou for making it. You should make a recipe book with all the food in because I would deff. buy it :DAnd then a blockbuster movie called Vegetarian on Vegetarian where I will be played by Meryl Streep! 
Glad they turned out! Wine makes everything taste better, so good call on that.  
have you ever tried to cook your own aloo gobi, or have you posted a recipe up on here? if not, you should give it a go!
I have not. I have most of the spices I need (except garam masala), I just need to take the plunge!
As a cheese loving Vegetarian myself, I’ve got to ask: What’s your favourite type of cheese?
That would be like choosing between my children.
I’ve been vegetarian since 3rd grade and I’ve honestly never had so much trouble with eating as I am now in my middle school years! All of my friends are out grabbing burgers and whatnot, and your page has not only given me great recipes that are fast and easy to make, but reassurance that I’m not a freak and that being vegetarian doesn’t alienate you from the rest of the world. So thank you for everything. (:
You’re definitely not a freak! I’m pretty sure that all I ate when I was in junior high was french fries and nachos with fake cheese. It’s great that you’re learning to cook now – you’ll be great by the time your friends learn how to use a stove.
Awesome blog. (Y) Meat is for subnormal people.
Still trying to figure out what (Y) means. Am I too old for the internet?

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