Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Elvis Sandwich 2 slices of white bread1 ripe bananaPeanut butter (why not make your own?) 3 strips MorningStar Farms “Bacon”2 tbls butter (soft)cinnamon (optional) Spread peanut butter on each piece bread. Slice banana and layer on top of peanut butter on one side. Follow cooking directions for “bacon” and layer the other piece of peanut buttered bread. Assemble the sandwich and butter the outside. Sprinkle with cinnamon. In a pan, grill each side of the sandwich until brown. Remove from heat and cut. As you may have gathered by my flurry of poorly-taken iphone food photos, I took myself on vacation South. I turned 30 on the 20th, and with the crazy amount of work I had (planned three weddings) all month, I thought it’d be good to get a away for a few days. I’d never been to Memphis, so I took a 6 hour detour on Monday and visited Graceland with my friend Ashley.
Some fun Elvis facts as learned from the audio tour.
1. Graceland was purchased for $100,000.2. Elvis was an avid reader.3. Elvis met Priscilla when she was 14. Perhaps he should been called Elvis Pervy.
I’ll be posting more photos from my trip over the next few weeks. And cooking again. Oh yes, the cooking.  

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