Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If you live in New York, you know what a luxury it is to have a backyard/roof or any sort of outdoor space. The lucky ones play host to Summer BBQs, birthday parties, kiddie pool cooling stations… the unlucky ones aren’t allowed in their landlords backyard and have to settle for a stovetop grill. Guess which one I am! That being said, after just one use, my indoor griddle is the best kitchen investment I’ve made in a while. Cannot wait to go crazy with the grill marks all summer long.

Grilled Corn with Smoked Paprika & Cinnamon Butter, Cotijo Cheese
4 ears fresh cornWater2 Tbsp canola oil4 Tbsp unsalted butter2 Tbsp smoked paprika1 Tbsp ground cinnamon1 Tsp brown sugarSalt to taste4 Tbls Cotijo cheese, crumbled 
Soak corn in water for 10 minutes with husks on. Heat up grill (I used my stovetop grill, but BBQ if you’ve got it!) Remove husks from corn and rub the ear with canola oil. Place on hot grill. In a bowl, melt butter and add smoked paprika, cinnamon, brown sugar and salt. Mix well. Turn corn until grill marks form and it’s cooked evenly. Remove from heat and drizzle with melted butter mixture. Top with crumbled cheese and serve hot. Before:¬†

So happy during!!

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