Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1. Vanessa’s Dumpling House, Lower East SideWhenever I have friends in town, I always take them here. The vegetarian sesame sandwich is mindblowing (and only $1.50.) You can leave here incredibly full for about $5. 
2. Radegast Hall & Biergarten, WilliamsburgNot only do they have an amazing selection of beers on tap, but for $10, you can get a giant soft pretzel with an assortment of mustards (and a few pickles.) I recommend going there when Baby Soda is playing.  I always get swing dance envy.
3. Westville, East Village, West Village, ChelseaNot the best place for groups, but if you’re craving vegetables, you can get a selection of 4 prepared different ways for $13.  They’ve got veggie dogs too! They also give you adorable cups of hot chocolate if you have to wait for a table (under their heating lamps!)
4. The Drink, WilliamsburgWarm, cozy, wooden.. I wish this neighborhood bar was closer to my apartment, but it’s worth the trek if you want a delicious punch, cocktail or to be surrounded by great people.
5. Milk Bar, East VillageBirthday cake truffles. Crack Pie.  Cereal Milk soft serve. I’m convinced that this place will single-handedly make me gain 10 pounds. And it’ll be worth it.
Honorable mention: New project, still in the works.  Involving Public Assembly, the one & only Ben Sisto, and me!
Happy Valentines Day, readers!

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