Monday, January 3, 2011

For months, my friend Adam, owner of the Most Impressive Collection of Bourbon in Brooklyn, has been talking about making vanilla infused bourbon, but hasn’t (something about the beans being too expensive?) I finally got tired of waiting, and since I found slightly cheaper vanilla beans ($6.99 vs. $9.99 at Whole Foods,) I decided to steal his idea. 
I’ve made infused liquor before, but something about using vanilla makes me feel like I’m teetering too close to college party girl beverage of choice territory. The fact that I’m infusing bourbon makes me feel a bit better, but if my next post discusses which mixers go best with Malibu Rum or where to find Zima on sale, call the doctor.

Vanilla-Infused Bourbon
500 ml good Bourbon (I used Bulleit)1 vanilla bean
Pour bourbon into your receptacle of choice (not your mouth.) Score vanilla bean with a knife and scrape out the seeds. Add seeds and pod to the jar and seal with a lid.
Shake every few days.
I’m still in the process of making mine, but I intend to let it hang out for at least a week before I give it a taste.
New Year’s was fairly low-key with trips to The Drink and The Dram. The next day, I attended Swayzefest, which meant laying around with friends eating homemade tacos and watching Point Break, Roadhouse, Red Dawn and more. Not a bad way to start 2011!

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